Car Repair

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Engine Repair

Quality repair to your most vital motor vehicle part.

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Chassis Repair

Repairs and maintenance of any chassis part.

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Oil Change

Motor oil and other fluid replacement.

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Oil change

Hi! Looking for YEARLY SERVICE?
Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It ensures minimum wear on engine components and maximum engine performance. Understanding how to change your engine oil is an essential skill of do-it-yourself car maintenance. Your vehicle owner’s manual will help you to determine when to change your vehicles engine oil. If you drive short distances regularly, tow heavy loads or compete in track days you’ll need to change your engine oil more frequently.

A car service for every 12 months or 10000kms which includes;

  • Change of Engine Oil and Oil Filter
  • An Under Bonnet check and top up
  • A Brake and Safety Inspection<
  • Check of Cooling and Charging Systems
  • Fully Qualified Mechanics - Only Quality Oils and Parts used - 12 months warranty
    Only $10 safety inspection.  Full Car service with oil change- one ($79 or two cars($139)
    Additional service, repairs, fluids and parts will be at an additional cost. . For more information contact us.

    Avoid Vehicle Breakdowns With Preventative Maintenance & Oil Changes
    One of the reasons for car breakdowns are failure to regularly change the engine oil. Regular oil changes keep vehicle engines running smoothly.

    Over the past decade, vehicle manufacturers have increased the recommended period between oil changes; the intervals are different depending on vehicle,
    yet even the same vehicle can have different recommendations depending on which country you live in and the areas particular environmental protections.
    These schedules are usually adequate if the car is driven in ideal circumstances, although most car manuals do make reference to adverse conditions.

    Automatic & Manual Transmission oil change

    Keeping your manual or automatic transmission in good shape is really quite inexpensive. This is dependent on regular periodic services eliminating small issues like an oil leak that could eventually lead to a transmission without oil and not long after burning out.
    Call us for a price specific to your vehicle.
    An Auto Transmission technician will test drive the vehicle to collaborate with the customer the correct fault.
    We use only quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products in both overhauled and repaired transmissions  which gives better service life to your manual and automatic transmissions allowing us to back our work with an unconditional kilometre warranty.
    The auto transmission is vital to an automatic car’s performance because it sends power to the wheels of your car. It is important to maintain your auto transmission to ensure smooth gear changes. Auto transmission servicing will ensure your transmission is in tune, there are no leaks and fluids are topped up, which will help avoid any unnecessary and expensive problems.

    If you are hearing strange noises while driving, gear changes are becoming more noticeable, your transmission fluid is low or leaking or your check engine light is on, get your car to us. The transmission will be inspected for leaks and other issues.
    Once a vehicle is in motion, it doesn't take long for the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) to heat up.
    Even under normal driving conditions the ATF temperature will rise to 80 degrees C (175 F), which is the usual temperature range at which most fluids are designed to operate.  In fact, if the temperature could be kept at 80 degrees C, the ATF would last a significant amount of time (& distance).
    But once the fluid temperature increases beyond this, the life of the fluid begins to decrease.
    Every 20 degree increase in operating temperature above 80 degrees C decreases the life of the ATF by half.
    Even normal driving conditions can cause the ATF temperature to increase beyond safe limits.
    Problems in the cooling system itself such as a low coolant level, defective cooling fan, fan clutch, thermostat or water pump or obstructed radiator etc, will also diminish ATF cooling efficiency.
    At elevated operating temperatures the ATF oxidizes & turns brown , taking on a smell like burnt toast.
    As heat destroys the fluid's lubricating qualities & friction material, varnish begins to form on internal parts (such as the valve body).
    This directly interferes with the correct operation of the transmission.  If the temperature increases above 120 degrees C (250 F), the rubber seals begin to harden which in turn leads to fluid leaks & pressure losses.
    At higher temperatures the transmission begins to slip which aggravates the overheating even more.  Eventually the clutches burn out & transmission fails.


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