Car Repair

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Engine Repair

Quality repair to your most vital motor vehicle part.

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Chassis Repair

Repairs and maintenance of any chassis part.

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Oil Change

Motor oil and other fluid replacement.

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Repair Services
At Cyclone Smash and Mechanical, our service comes from many years of international experience.

We care about our reputation within the community as we service your local area, and receive a lot of new clients through the word of mouth. We always strive to leave you with only the best experience at affordable un-bloated prices.

Don’t be left without a car!

We provide you with another car while your one is being repaired. Do not be caught without a car, continue going about your business while we look and take good care of your vehicle.

We handle minor and major engine repairs

During a full service of the exhaust system, it is inspected for leaks, damage and deterioration
Air conditioning
The air conditioner system is inspected for operating pressures, leaks, deterioration or damage to any hoses, seals or components during a full car service. The drive belt tension checked and system recharged with refrigerant.
Fuel System
A fuel injector clean to ensure smooth running, inspection of air intake system and fuel lines, fuel filter and air cleaner check and replacement if necessary, full grease and oil change, full safety inspection and report.
Wheel alignment:
We use the latest precision equipment to adjust caster, camber and toe-in of front wheels to prevent excessive tyre wear and ensure your car’s high-speed stability.

Car Servicing:
Major service includes grease and oil change plus precision Auto-Tech diagnostic tune-up and safety inspection, and report on your cars overall mechanical condition.
Cooling system:
We pressure test the radiator, inspect hoses for leaks and the radiator cap for proper sealing. We also check the coolant level, the water pump for leaks or wear and all drive belts for tension and condition.

Clutch Repairs:
We can do a full clutch service including adjustment, hydraulics and clutch pad replacement for all makes and models.

We test and inspect all suspension components for wear including ball joints, shock absorbers, control arms, bushes and McPherson struts. We can replace any parts that are worn.

Why is Maintenance Important?

Car maintenance is the act of inspecting or testing the condition of car subsystems (e.g., engine) and servicing or replacing parts and fluids.

Car maintenance is the act of inspecting or testing the condition of car subsystems (e.g., engine) and servicing or replacing parts and fluids. Regular maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of a car. During preventive maintenance, a number of parts are replaced to avoid major damage or for safety reasons, e.g. timing belt replacement.

We are a professional body of people and know how to fix all standard car problems as well as uncommon tricky ones. We are your small local business, we do NOT outsource work and do it all ourselves.

Our Services

  • spraypainting
  • panel beating
  • alloy repairs
  • headlight restoration
  • vehicle buffing
  • car servicing
  • oil changes
  • filter changes
  • brakes serviced
  • bulbs replaced
  • motorbike and commercial vehicles
  • rust repairs
  • restorations
  • aircon fix
  • glass polish
  • glass chip removal